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Planet Protector Members

At Planet Protector, we believe that all beings are equally important and connected, human and non-human alike. Every single being has an inherent right to live peacefully and as nature intended. We believe everyone has a role to play in making our world a better place.


Join us and become a Planet Protector.  Together, we can change the world into what we want it to become. 


Founder of Planet Protector.  One of the many ways she is making our planet a better place is by writing environmental adventure novels that educate adults

and children alike. Her book is currently for sale at


Planet Protector Warrior.  His most recent contribution to the planet is starting and caring for beehives.


Planet Protector Member. Starting at the young age of 2, Sierra began rescuing insects she found in the house by catching them in containers and carrying them outside.  She continues to catch and release insects daily. 


Planet Protector Member. Since beginning solid foods, Julian refused to eat animals. Years have passed and he continues to be a vegetarian. He believes animals are happier when they are not being eaten.

Please Join Us And Become A Planet Protector, Too!
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