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The Judge Birdie Series: An Exciting Children's Illustrated Mystery Adventure Book Series

moral stories for kids The Golden Rule book

Judge Birdie #1: The Case Of The Disappearing Amur Leopard

A children's book about stewardship and endangered species

Preservation or Profits ... What Would You Choose?


A lawsuit declaring a new construction project threatens the endangered Amur leopards just landed on Judge Birdie Barringer’s desk. She and the members of the jury hold the fate of the leopards in their hands. One wrong decision and the leopards could disappear from the face of the earth – forever!


Obnoxious attorney conduct, haunted secret tunnels and her love for new adventure keeps Judge Barringer living life to its fullest. Time may be running out for the Amur leopards. Will anyone step up to protect them?

If you enjoy mystery and adventure books like the Adventures in Odyssey, The Green Ember Series, and The Magic Tree House, then you will love Kirsten Usman’s exciting, action-filled series. Perfect for readers grades 2 and up who love a fast-paced illustrated story filled with humor, action, and life lessons.

moral stories for kids The Golden rule book

Judge Birdie #2: Judge Birdie and The Meltdown

A children's book about The Golden Rule and the importance of kindness

An Adventurous Judge. A Selfish Attorney. A Planet Protector. And A Flying Chocolate Cake.


Join the world’s goofiest judge, as she and her seven-year-old grandson, Milo, embark on a camping and canoeing adventure. There is only one slight problem. Judge Birdie does not know how to camp or canoe.


While Judge Birdie and Milo are navigating their way through life’s unexpected twists and turns, back in Greenville things are heating up. A fierce battle between attorney Fable Finch, attorney Thomas Kindly and a chocolate cake is taking place. Will they learn the meaning of The Golden Rule or will evil prevail?

Perfect for readers grades 2 and up who love a fast-paced illustrated story filled with humor, action, and life lessons. Judge Birdie and The Meltdown is the second book in the Judge Birdie series, but it can also be read as a standalone. Set within an exciting outdoor adventure, Judge Birdie and The Meltdown takes a close look at The Golden Rule and the importance of kindness.

Judge Birdie #3: Ghost Island Mystery

A children's mystery adventure series

The lighthouse on Ghost Island is keeping secrets …

When Milo and Birdie move into the crumbling lighthouse, they know it might be haunted. The previous lighthouse keeper recently disappeared, lights unexpectedly flash, doors bang, and footsteps are heard late at night. But it wasn’t until they discovered a treasure map that they realized there was something extraordinary afoot.

As they explore the creaky old lighthouse and the dark surrounding forest, they uncover a
treasure more valuable than they ever could have imagined – something more valuable than
silver and gold.

Join Milo and Birdie as they spend their summer running from ghosts and searching hidden
passageways. Do they have what it takes to solve the case and rescue the lighthouse keeper
before it is too late?

Children mystery adventure book series ghost island mystery
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