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2018 New Nature Books For Kids

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Reading to children is important. But reading books that educate while also inspiring them to be planet protectors is even better. Everyone can help our planet, including kids! Here is a list of inspiring nature books for kids that will teach them about our environment and how they can take care of it.


nature books for kids

Out of the Ice: How Climate Change is Revealing the Past by Claire Eamer

Climate change is warming our planet and making ice on Earth melt. Ice patches on glaciers, mountains and permafrost are all melting. Although climate change is bad for our planet, discoveries are being made because of the melting ice that may not have occurred before. As the ice melts, artifacts and fossils are uncovered. They are providing scientists with insights into Earth’s history. Children will learn about climate change, history, and science in this educational book.

Pages: 32

Age Range: 9-12

Price: $12.32

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new kids nature book series endangered species environment
new kids nature book series

Judge Birdie #1: The Case Of The Disappearing Amur Leopard by Kirsten Usman

Judge Birdie Barringer leads the jury in this action packed adventure full of hilarious attorney conduct and legal twists and turns. Judge Barringer presides over a lawsuit that declares a proposed development may harm the endangered leopards. One wrong decision and the leopards could disappear from the face of the earth – forever. Woven within the story are facts about endangered species, the United States judicial system and United States case law.

Pages: 132

Age Range: 7 and up

Price: $9.95

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nature books for kids

Wild Buildings and Bridges: Architecture Inspired by Nature by Etta Kaner

This fascinating book shows us over 30 examples of how nature influences the way we build our buildings and bridges all over the world. Architects often look to nature for ways to solve structural problems such as how to build an earthquake safe bridge. Readers will also learn about famous architects who have used nature in their designs.

Pages: 40

Age Range: 7-10

Price: $12.32

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nature books for kids

Planet Earth Is Awesome! 101 Incredible Things Every Kid Should Know by Lisa Regan

This book is full of facts that all children should know in order to better discover and understand our planet. Written in a way as to encourage children to discuss the topics and creatively think about the subjects, children will advance their knowledge of the world around them.

Page: 128

Age Range: 4-8

Price: $9.99

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New nature books for kids

If Polar Bears Disappeared by Lily Williams

Polar bears are endangered and may go extinct due to the rapid changes in our climate. Ice is melting and the polar bear’s habitat is changing so quickly that they cannot evolve fast enough to keep up with these changes. How will their disappearance change our planet? What would happen if they go extinct forever? Find out in this detailed book while learning about the importance of the polar bears.

Pages: 40

Age Range: 4-8 years

Price: $15.18

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