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Planet Protector Star of the Week: Xiuhtezcatl Martinez

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Planet Protector Star kid environmental advocacy Xiuhtezcatl Martinez

Xiuhtezcatl Martinez is the youth director for Earth Guardians. At the age of 6, Xiuhtezcatl was already speaking around the world about environmental issues. He recently turned 18. He has been working tirelessly for our planet and making it a better and healthier place by traveling the world and educating people on everything from pesticides to fracking.

Xiuhtezcatl believes that we all are caretakers of our world.

After learning out the environmental crisis we are facing, he was inspired to get involved to educate others. He believes that the power of change lies in educating younger generations about our environment and providing them with the tools they need to make a difference.

Xiuhtezcatl reminds people that is not just about our environment; it’s about protecting humanity. He uses his voice and his knowledge to show people there is a better way to live; that we don’t have to destroy our environment to have an amazing and fulfilling life. Xiuhtezcatl dedicated his life to making our world a better place. Not for himself, but for all of humanity. Why aren’t each of us doing the same?

You can learn more about Xiuhtezcatl Martinez here.


We Rise: The Earth Guardians Guide To Building A Movement That Restores The Planet, is Xiuhtezcatl Martinez’s newest book.

In We Rise, Xiuhtezcatl encourages all of us to “challenge the status quo, change the face of activism, and confront climate change head on.” We Rise provides practical advice on how each of us can help change the environmental crisis our world is facing.

It's only $14.95 for a hardcover book.

By purchasing a copy, you will be making a colossal contribution to our environment by supporting our amazing planet warrior Xiuhtezcatl and because you will learn invaluable information about how to help our planet. Xiuhtezcatl is a powerful voice for his generation and a role model for everyone. Every single person will benefit from reading his book and applying his knowledge to our own lives. We Rise is available wherever books are sold. You can purchase one here.


Planet Protector kid environmental advocacy pollution

Do you want to tell your grandchildren that you were too busy on your phone taking selfies and texting your friends to get involved in helping our planet? Xiuhtezcatl asks us to consider what kind of legacy do you want to leave behind. We are all here for a fleeting amount of time. What about everyone who will come after us? Don’t they deserve a healthy planet?

Earth Guardian is a group of young environmental activists from around the world who are stepping up as leaders for the environmental movement. It's time we all get involved in environmental activism. If you haven't already, you can start by purchasing We Rise and joining Earth Guardian here.

kid planet protector save our planet clean environment

Thank you Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, for your invaluable contribution to our planet. You are a true warrior, Earth Guardian, and Planet Protector. Thank you for making our planet a better place and inspiring so many others to do the same. There are so many of us who are incredibly grateful for your hard work and determination. We Rise, We Rise, We Rise for our planet, for each other, and for you.


Looking for more ways to help our environment?

Profits over preservation or preservation over profits? What would you choose?

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