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Savory Sourdough Pancakes

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

Never throw away your sourdough starter again! These savory sourdough pancakes make a delicious, nutritious and simple meal that is easily changed to use whatever fresh herbs or vegetables you have on hand. Vegan, vegetarian, and nut-free sourdough starter pancakes.

savory sourdough starter pancakes vegan
Savory Sourdough Starter Pancakes

This recipe uses active sourdough starter. If you do not have a sourdough starter, you can find a recipe to make one here. It is easy to do and very rewarding. There are many delicious and healthy recipes you can make with a sourdough starter.

If you store your sourdough starter in the refrigerator, take it out and feed it at least 24 hours before starting the sourdough savory pancakes. Your sourdough starter should be active and bubbling before starting.

Ingredients Used For The Savory Sourdough Starter Pancakes

Active Sourdough Starter

Olive Oil

Organic Green Onions

Everything Bagel Seasoning

Nutritional Yeast

Additional Ideas and Substitutions

This recipe is easily customizable with your favorite flavors or whatever ingredients you have on hand and want to use up. After cooking the sourdough pancake, top it with your choice of ingredients. Here is a list of ideas:

Cilantro and Red Onion

Basil and Fresh Chopped Tomatoes

Arugula, Tomato, Basil

Sesame Seeds and Micro greens or Sprouts

How To Make This Savory Sourdough Starter Pancake

In a medium sized bowl, mix together 1/2 cup sourdough starter with 1 Tbs. Everything Bagel Seasoning.

Heat a medium sized skilled to medium low and add about 1 Tbs. olive oil.

Pour the sourdough starter mixture into the skillet and cook for 5 minutes. Carefully, flip the pancake and cook for an additional 4 to 5 minutes. You want the outside to be crispy and the inside to be soft and chewy.

Once the sourdough pancake is golden brown and crispy, remove from pan and sprinkle on the green onions, nutritional yeast, and 1 tsp. everything bagel seasoning.

Enjoy while still hot.

Savory Sourdough Starter Pancakes Vegan
Savory Sourdough Starter Pancakes


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